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Fastest Fingers In The Universe (AKA FFITU)

Fastest Fingers In The Universe is a challenging and addictive casual arcade game for mobile phone's and tablets a bit like Angry Birds and Crossy Roads are, it was inspired by old school game play styles combining aspects from Star Wars, Duck Hunt, Time Crisis and other old school games I cant even remember the names of as they were from so long ago (one tester said some elements reminded him of contra and missile defence), but I do remember how they felt to play, so iv tried to give that feeling to the game play but with a modern twist.


It's the year 45,300 AD, one of the voyager probes had been discovered by alien races a few years earlier, they managed to decipher the language and star charts attached to the probe by humans, realizing the stupidity of the human race and possible resources that could be available they raced towards us to plunder the planets, only one person can stop them "YOU", are you smart enough, do you have the fastest fingers in the universe, lets see, be prepared to challenge your self mentally and physically, can you even beat your friends to the top of the hall of fame.


How To Play

To play you just have to tap the screen with your fingers to shoot the aliens before they land on the planets, if 20 aliens land on a planet you lose, you have to last until a random timer has run out to win but you cant see the timer and it can last from 2 minuets to 2 and a half minuets, there are also boss levels after you have completed levels 10, 20, 30, 40 and 51 you can get a chance to play them, there are also lots of hidden extras in the game to find, to get the best scores you should hit the aliens as soon as they enter the screen, the points you get for hitting them goes down as they get closer to the planet, there are also bonus items floating about, some give you points and coins, some give you something extra to help you fight against the alien empire, enjoy the game and emotionally feel it ?.


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About the ads, the game is free and we wont bombard you with any ads, you can watch a reward video to get free in-game coins to spend on the hidden extras, you will see when you have a look around the game that these are on a button so will never show up unless you want them to, they will never be forced upon you, they will only appear if you press the get coins button in the stats room, we don't get a penny for you watching them and only get paid if you actually install one of the games that the ads video shows you, so if you like our game and want to help support us to make other games and update this one, then we would like to ask you all to at least try out one of the games they offer so we can afford to take more time off our normal day jobs and spend it on making more games for you all to play. If you do install one of these game then make sure you press the back button on your device after installing it to get back to our game and collect your free coins, thank you.

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