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About Us

We are in the process of writing this website, please come back in a few days to see if we have finished.

We're an independent group of gamers working out of a small office in South Manchester UK. We had a dream to build games that are challenging and fun to play and not there just to make money, our main objective is to let our creations loose onto the net so they can grow and bring you fun, wile at the same time we want to have fun making them, as we believe that will transpire into the games we produce and into the experience you will have playing them.

Our Team

Phil Bradley, AKA(Syntax Glitch), CEO/MD, Founder, Senior Software Engineer

Phil Bradley Phil is the founding member of Nucleisoft. With 30 years of experience in software development and game production, Phil has seen the market evolve over the years and has decided to get back into programming. With a self awarded Bachelors in Technology and Masters in coding, Phil doesn't just understand business development; he also has the technical skills required to lead right off the bat, after helping to debug and test out retro games from the past, such as Chuckie Egg for A n F Software and Jet Set Willy for Software Projects, retro ZX spectrum games from the past.




James Julier, Lead artist, Level designer

James Julier The newest addition to the team is artist James Julier. Joining us in early 2015, James brings not merely a creative spark, but a big bang to our visual department. With a BA honours in Art and Design, with over 30 years artistic experience, James has the skills and unique vision to bring a new level of visual wow to our games. With pencil and pixel in hand, he's armed and has his targets set on your imagination, so prepare to get blown away! check out his artwork Click Here




Brandon Bradley, Level designer, Debug Master

Brandon Bradley Brandon understands playing games and what it take to debug a game. One of the chief reasons for our company being set-up was and still is to make games that he felt are fun to play. Brandon is single handedly responsible for the continued stream of work that we now have to do. And yet, it's not quite just that. Brandon also loves to hack our games just to test his upcoming coding skills. He is in the process of learning Python, objective C, Delphi and Java, watch this space.




K.C.Analogue, Studio Producer, Audio Engineer.

K.C.Analogue K.C. analogue is our in house audio engineer, due to none disclosure agreements with various world wide music industry stars we are limited to what we can tell you about him, but we can say that he has a recording studio in Sankeys Manchester U.K. and ether through collaboration with partners or direct contracts has worked with the like's of Kylie Minogue, Ian Brown, The Happy Mondays, Aim, The Doves, Oasis and many more, K.C. being a good friend of mine, iv talked him into working with us on our game releases, so be prepared to here some top notch music in our games from a real recording studio and done with passion, K.C. was not to keen on playing games at all so wasn't sure if he could work with us, but after playing a few prototypes he now is asking to test them all LOL, this has reflected in the feeling he has put in to the music for the games, so sit back and listen, feel and play.



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